Welcome to Trekkers Point

In order to fullfill the requirements of quality Camping & Trekking equipment of adventure lover, company has opened its first wholesale & retail outlet in the heart of New Delhi in the name Trekkers PointTrekkers Point is a shop located in the heart of New Delhi(Connaught Place) catering to the demand of tourists coming from all over the world .Trekkers Point only stocks material for outdoor, trekking and adventure use. At Trekkers Point we have collection of imported international brands like Coleman, Campingaz, Lafuma, Kovea, Camelback, Sony and many more. TrekkersPoint has fullfilled a long standing need of tourists looking for quality outdoor gear for their adventure accross India. With our pocket friendly prices and having sufficient inventory and variety of various outdoor related items TrekkersPoint has become the first choice purchase destination for adventure ,outdoor lovers.

At Trekkers Point we have assembled the finest product on basis of their quality, efficiency at an affordable price,for outdoor and camping, we have envisaged all particular situations, all seasons, all weather and all tempratures you may face during your sojourn to the great outdoor!!!.

At Trekkers Point the products are from companies around the world having a proven track record of being the best. our clients include many acclaimed explorers and adventurers but our biggest client is the average person looking to experience the ecstatic outdoors for the very first time.