Welcome to Falcon Enterprises

Falcon Enterprises: Established in 1998 and primarily deal with a wide range of matting products from various countries. Other product marketed by Falcon Enterprises includes Rockworth Modular Office Furniture, Madico Safety/Security and Solar Films, 3M™ Signages – Glow Sign Boards, etc. Falcon Enterprises is dedicated to providing its end-user customers and distribution partners alike with a very best products and supporting services. Product list enclosed for reference.

Due to recent liberalization in the import policy of the Government of India, the company also started imports of the above products for home use. With the progressive opening of imports, we expect more products to be added to the companies' portfolio. The hotel division and the domestic division act independently and are accountable for growth in their respective fields.

 Falcon Enterprises is having the distributorship of the following:

    1. Special Effect Film
    2. Madico
    3. Rockworth Furniture
    4. 3M Interior Graphics Product specifications-catalogue.