About Us

The Eagle Group, a diversified, national conglomerate, infused with a sense of optimism and relentless desire to achieve, established its presence in India in 1947. Our headquarters are located in New Delhi with branch offices in Mumbai, Chennnai, and Kolkata.

During the mid-1950's and 1960's the group flourished and diversified itself into Private Banking, Real Estate development and Entertainment.
Two decades ago, the group made its successful foray into international trading with the vision to influence the future of Indian Industry by introducing large global brands into India. In its relentless quest for excellence the group has proven itself time and again to be a name to reckon with in shaping modern day India in many ways.

Today, the Group has interests in diverse portfolio of businesses backed by resources and infrastructure to reach all corners of the country. Business Ventures range from Real Estate Development, Cineplexes, Broadcast Communications Infrastructure, Restaurants to Speciality Chemical, Hospitality Supplies, Footwear Components and supplies to the building Industry.

The Group has been in the business of representing large multinational companies in india for over 40 years. Today, our partners are amongst the world's most specialized and respected companies such as Dometic (formerely Electrolux) - Sweden, Rohde & Schwarz - Germany, Sony - Japan, Thomson - France, Epson - Japan, Coleman - U.S.A, 3M - U.S.A, Hewlett-Packard - U.S.A, Thales - France, Imation - U.S.A, Kenda Farben - Italy, Techno-GI - Italy, Wohler Technologies - U.S.A, Fuji - Japan, Cannon - Japan amongst many others.

The Eagle Group derives its financial strengths from its real estate, hospitality and entertainment ventures and its dynamism from its trading businesses. The group is continuously identifying new opportunities for growth, and to partner with large global conglomerates for strategically positioning them and their products in India.